02 July 2020

New Kid Browser

What’s your make and model, I used to use Firefox as my main browser. But lately I have switched to Chrome and I like the browser, its sleek and fast and light.

Never satisfied with its performance a new old kid is doing the rounds in disguise none other than Edge Dev, yes, I got my hands-on Microsoft’s new browser that they are honing. Yes, they announced that they where ditching the present Edge browser and using/building a new browser.

You can download this early Alpha/Beta inside developer edition from https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/ So is it any different to the rest, err I think not it just another browser as far as I can see, it even followed the chrome style on your marks get set downloading option so its small in size as well.

You can see that right from the get-go Microsoft want to tie you into the Microsoft culture, that must be the third or forth time I have loaded the browser and it still begs to be set as the default browser each time. Will I be adopting this new technological wizardry I think not I am happy to dabble and have it on my system, but I won’t be adopting it as my main browser just yet.

Interestingly you can’t get rid of the begging to “import favourites now” bar, well at least as I have briefly looked through the favourites options in settings and cant see anything obvious. So, it along with the status bar down the bottom are just taking up screen space.

The hamburger menu brings up a choice off layout options, you have a few extra settings to select if you select custom. But one thing I seriously dislike is that you have to sign in to the browser and once signed in you can’t sign out (we at least not at this stage) it does have an incognito function which allows you to browse the web anonymously. If you go into manage your profile you can remove it from the browser, so I suppose that it is a sign out option. In fact, I think it would be possible to have multiple profiles, but they do want you signed in so that all your data is sync’d up an active.

We will keep an eye on how this browser develops and bring you further developments as and when they come.

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