02 July 2020

Dev Edge browser update

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Microsoft who is now reached a one trillion dollar status, has released a new development stage of its new chromium edge dev browser. If after reading the report about it you downloaded it last time you need not do anything except load up the browser, it should say that it is now ver “ Microsoft Edge Dev Build”. Its major change is that it is now available to 32bit windows 10 devices as well as 64bit, this along with more naturally sounding voices for the read aloud feature.

“Bug fixes and improvements

  • The animated spinner that displays on the About page when checking for updates is no longer scaled improperly
  • After importing favorites from Internet Explorer, the favorites bar folder will be properly named “Favorites bar” instead of “Links”
  • A confirmation prompt will now appear when deleting multiple history items
  • The “Show in folder” option will now work when a download is in the middle of virus scanning
  • Fixed a crash on pressing CTRL+SHIFT+M in inPrivate mode
  • Fixed a poorly rendered animation when viewing “See all cookies and site data” under site permissions
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Account credentials were not inherited from Windows 10 until after the first launch”

It seems that one off the things that Microsoft has heard back is that ‘you want  better communication about what is changing in the insider channels’. This had prompted Microsoft to investigate the best way to communicate this information to us on a regular biases. “David Rubino 

MICROSOFT”  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Discussions/Dev-channel-update-to-75-0-139-1-is-live/m-p/486346

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