02 July 2020

win10 1903

So, the release of windows 10 build 1903 (spring update 2019) is almost upon us, as I write this it has been released as an insider preview build, released to the public sometime in May. What you see is subject to change, major change is unlikely but the fluff around the edges might change. There is not much in it as far as main points from the visual side off things Microsoft has released a new theme for the desktop a light theme, no big changes just a ‘light’ theme if one considers the present one dark a welcome change from my perspective.

Windows 10 1903 light Theme

So that’s the main update as far as the visual side of the 1903ver.

Start Menu

Another thing that will no doubt please many is the start menu you can now unpin tiles from the start menu. Like theme or loath them you can now have the best view the one you like I have unpinned everything and shrunk the pane down so its more to my liking.

This is more akin to a windows 7 style which I like. Small little changes to icons complements this new layout.

Windows updates

Microsoft is introducing some new features when it comes to Windows Updates, the ability to, pause them for up to a month or more even for home users of the OS as reported in the press.  Also as a result of many failed updates Microsoft is ‘along with smoothing your PC’ going to reserve a proportion of space for temporary files, thus making sure that updates don’t fail because of lack of diskspace

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